• 2020 (ongoing) HeartMath Interventions Certification Program for Health Professionals, HeartMath Institute 
  • 2016 Breathing Analysis, Graduate School of Breathing Sciences
  • 2015 Certified Buteyko Practitioner, Institute of Breathing and Health BIBH
  • 2014 Certified HeartMath Provider, HeartMath Institute
  • 2013 Certificate Women’s Healing Arts Teacher, karamariaanada.com
  • 2010 PhD in Environmental Management, University of Auckland
  • 2005 Masters in Operations Research (Hons), University of Auckland
  • 2002 Bachelors in Business Administration (equiv), Germany

My Story

Originally from Berlin, Germany, I have lived in New Zealand since 2002. I have always been an active person playing basketball, swimming, yoga, Pilates, hiking and valuing my health and well-being. It was not until the last two years of my PhD that the combined pressure of having a baby while completing a PhD and living in an unhappy marriage became too great a burden.

Slowly I had depleted my body to where I could only function by taking supplements. This was very interesting sometimes. For example, I used to wake up with fuzzy eyes and reasoned that this was normal given my extensive screen time. I kept increasing my daily Vitamin B doses and then found if the dose was high enough these symptoms would go away! Eventually I took about 10 different types of vitamins and minerals daily. They helped me to function but I didn’t feel good!

Then, a friend told me about HRV biofeedback breathwork. She put her newfound success at being able to deal with her two very young children and own dysfunctional marriage in a very calm and collected manner down to this modality. After my first half hour session I didn’t feel any different, but my bodyworker said that I was much more relaxed than before – I couldn’t even perceive my own state of relaxation or tension anymore! After two sessions I stopped taking any supplements. Not only did I not need them anymore to work but I found I worked more and my writing was of much higher quality. I started bouncing around with newfound energy, related better to my daughter whose tantrums in turn reduced considerable. This was the short story of how I came to know my own breath and my own power.

When my daughter was 5 years old she started to develop a childhood wheeze which would kick in every second day or so for a little while. Her dad had had childhood asthma and eczema which she also ‘inherited’. I had heard of Buteyko Breathing therapy for asthma and we attended together. During the six week programme not only her wheeze but also eczema completely vanished. Her reading levels at school jumped up and she was so much calmer and more focused at everything she did. It was mind-blowing and I decided to train and help others. This is still my path: using my knowledge and experience to help others who struggle with issues related to breathing.