More than 50% of Children are Misdiagnosed as Asthmatic

A recent British study suggests that many people are routinely misdiagnosed as asthmatic. More than one million children have been diagnosed with asthma in Britain, but the new study suggests more than half may not have the chronic lung condition and could be at risk from the side effects of their medication. Over-diagnoses leads to […]

Make the connection – Chronic fatigue and breathing dysfunction

What is chronic fatigue? There is a great deal of confusion and disagreement in the medical world about how to diagnose and treat chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is characterised primarily by low energy levels (poor stamina) and slow recovery after exertion. Secondary symptoms are feelings of ill-health, muscle pain and weakness, sleep disturbance, recurrent infection, […]

Breathing dysfunction during sleep affects performance and health

Snoring Kids Suffer in School and Study Links Breathing Difficulties During Sleep With Poorer Academic Performance are two headlines just published in the online NZ Herald. Both draw on the results of a University of Otago study just published. Dysfunctional breathing at night, also called sleep-disordered breathing, is becoming more common. As it can reduce […]