Breathing Coach offers breathing training for health, performance and well-being based on factual and up-to-date knowledge in breathing physiology and behavioural science. Add to this my experience of working with clients in this field since 2015.

I generally work on an individual level with clients and provide a safe and trusted space. There is a standard fee of $80 per hour for my time. The content of each session is determined by your needs, your wishes and expectations coupled with my expert opinion of how I can support you most effectively.

What you can expect

Safe space. Our interactions are protected by privacy and confidentiality agreements. You need to consent to the programme overall and any touch of your upper torso. I provide written reports and letters to your GP and specialist as necessary.

Thorough assessment. Assessments inform the training programme and provide a benchmark to compare progress with. You will receive a questionnaire to be completed prior to the first session. Then, we will assess for potential breathing dysfunction, if possible determine the causes and extent of it, and discuss remedial options available to you whether on your own or with me. You will come out of the session not just knowing what is going on but also armed with practical tools to start your training immediately.

Effective learning with biofeedback. During the one-on-one sessions we will make use of whatever method will help you most to understand and learn healthy breathing behaviour. This may include biofeedback to monitor CO2 or heart rate in real time as proven effective learning and training tools.

Progress = your commitment. Daily practice can leads to impressive progress. If you’re onto it, you will get the results!

Ongoing support. Something unexpected happened with your results or you  are experiencing something unexpected and don’t know what to do? Should you ever have any questions, I’m only a call or email away.

Professionalism. I am registered with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH) – a professional body committed to the research, promotion and application of the Buteyko Institute Method. In addition to regular CPD opportunities, the BIBH binds me to professional standards including a Code of Practice and a Code of Conduct.

A compassionate heart. Having been in low income situations myself I offer reduced fee sessions.    Past clients have sponsored free breathing training for children with asthma. Every free training donation I match with additional free training for a further child.    If required I will travel to a client (charged at $1 per km from the clinic in Ranui).    Please request a receipt for your bank transfer or cash payment if needed.